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We would like to say Thank-you for the box of food we get each week.  It is very much appreciated the food that we get, since I am on income support and receive $713.00 a month and my rent has now gone up to $925.00.  Without this program I would not be eating.

On behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to express my thanks to you and the programs you facilitate.  We have had the opportunity to benefit from both Community Kitchens cooking program as well as Spinz Around.Through the busy times the cooking in advance program has saved us tons of time in the kitchen pre-cooking meals that we have enjoyed on the busier, and more hectic days.  Then as I have endured temporary blindness and surgeries over the last five years to correct this we have had help through the Spinz Around Program.  This was awesome as I was self employed and was unable to obtain help through normal channels.  Both programs are appreciated and non invasive and therefore a fantastic benefit to people like me.  The fact that it is operated by volunteers is just one more reason to truly understand the need and offer to volunteer and give back.  Like a pay it forward in reverse.  I pray that this ministry will always be there for the unfortunate times in ones life when welfare isn’t an option.  We have been helped through four surgeries and cannot express enough just how beneficial this program really is.

Thank you once again for all the hard work you put into this.
My wife is an executive assistant and I graduated from business administration and have been self employed for 22 years.  I am grateful for all the help we have received and appreciate the hard work all the volunteers do.
~G & C

I had a great time during Souper Stars.  Me and the rest of the class hope you can come back and see us next year.  The best part about Souper Stars was you showing me that eating healthy is a big part of our lives. Thank you for teaching me how to eat properly at a wedding or at a fancy restaurent.  I will never forget them, to me you guys are rolemodels.  When we grow up we can say that “When I was young the Souper Stars advisers taught me everything that you are learning.  Thank you for ever thing!!
~Love, Dal
Ps. Now that I’ve met you my dreams will come true!

The stuffies and treats were really thoughtfull and the funny part was when you guys showed me how to use a knife and then 3 weeks later I cut myself (not using your guy’s way).  So thank you very, very much and I will use all the things you showed me for the future.

Thank You: