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Good Food Box


The Good Food Box Mission
The Good Food Box makes top-quality, fresh food available in a way that does not stigmatize people, fosters community development and promotes healthy eating.

What is the Good Food Box?
The Good Food Box (GFB) is a program under the Community Kitchen Program of Calgary whereby you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables at a very low cost. The Good Food Box is a hands-up program as opposed to hands-out. We offer all Calgarians’ sustainable access to nutritious food to ensure that no one has to go hungry. The boxes are put together and delivered by dedicated volunteers who along with The Community Kitchen desire to see individuals and families accessing affordable nutritious food.

Box Options

Small Box: $25, 20-25lbs* of fruits and vegetables
Medium Box: $30, 30-35lbs* of fruits and vegetables
Large Box: $35, 40-45lbs* of fruits and vegetables

*These weights are just an approximate. Weights will vary depending on produce size and density.

 How The Good Food Box Works
The boxes are delivered once a month to various depots around the city. A depot could be any place where 5 or more boxes are ordered, examples of current depots are churches, community centres, senior centres, apartment complexes etc. When a member of the community wishes to order a GFB they are matched with the closest depot to them by calling into our office. They are then given the contact details of the depot and are responsible for contacting the depot, placing their order and payment as well as pick-up of the GFB on the delivery date. Customers pay $25, $30, $35 for their box, depending on the version that they choose. Each box contains the same mixture of food, though the contents change with each delivery.

How Does the GFB Operate?
The GFB operates by buying fresh top quality produce directly from farmers and from wholesale clubs. The food is bought in bulk and dropped off at our warehouse. Our volunteers then divide up the produce into portions and put the Good Food Boxes together. The boxes contain the maximum produce possible in them for the price.

Starting a Good Food Box Depot
We rely on our dedicated depots and volunteers to run the program. Currently, we are expanding our program and are looking to reach all areas of Calgary. A depot can be any place where 5 or more boxes are ordered from. To become a depot a one-page application form must be filled out and faxed or emailed to our office. The form can be obtained by phoning or emailing The Community Kitchen Program. A depot is responsible for collecting orders and payment from the community or clients they serve. The GFB is delivered once a month to the depots. An order form is sent to our office a week before the GFB arrives for the depot. There are schedules for different parts of the city for order and delivery dates. You can download the Depot Application Form by clicking on the link below:

GFB Depot Application Form

How Much Work is involved in running a Depot?
A depot is responsible for collecting orders from community/clients, receiving payment for the boxes from those who ordered and having someone on location to receive boxes on the delivery date.

For more information please contact:

Ian Undseth
E This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P (403) 538-3780

Thank You to Our Supporters:
United Way of Calgary

CLIENTS, please place torder prior to ORDER DATE
(order date shown is for Depots Only)
Click Below for Printable 2018 GOOD FOOD BOX Schedule in PDF format




Good Food Box Depot List

Area Name Area Description
Area A W of 14 st NW / N of Memorial & Parkdale
Area B W of Deerfoot / N of Memorial
Area C E of Deerfoot / N of Memorial
Area D W of Deerfoot / N of Glenmore
Area E Downtown Core
Area F E of Deerfoot / N of 50 Ave SE
Area G W of Deerfoot / N of Canyon Meadow & Woodridge
Area H E of Bow Bottom & Deerfoot / N of 130 Ave SE
Area I S of Canyon Meadows / S of 130 Ave SE


AREA - A [W of 14 st NW / N of Memorial & Parkdale]
Bowood Centre Barb 403-863-4976 6508 Bowwood Dr NW T3B 2G8 N/A
Bow West Comm. Resource Centre Barb 403-216-5348 7904 - 43Ave NW T3B 49P 403-247-5071
Dalhousie Community Church Call For Information 403-221-2030 1530 Northmount Dr NW    
Hawkwood Baptist Church Eleanor 403-239-6200 20 Hawkwood Drive NW T3G 4C9 403-239-6225
St. James Anglican Church Mary 403-239-0104 6351 Ranchview Dr NW T3G 1B5 403-239-0674
University of Calgary SU Campus Food Bank Shawnee 403-220-8599 Rm225 - 251 MacEwan Centre T2N 1N4 403-284-1653
Royal Oak Depot Danielle 403-374-1262 29 Royal Oak Point NW T3G 5C5 N/A
Varsity Acres Presbyterian Church Kelly 403-288-0544 4612 Varsity Acres Drive NW T3A 1V7 403-288-8544
Tuscany Depot Keri 403-477-8684 100 Tuscany Vista Crescent NW T3L 3A2 N/A


AREA - B [W of Deerfoot / N of Memorial]
Vivo / Harvest Hills Alliance Church Guest Services 403-532-1013 Depot (order): 11950 Country Village Link NE
Delivery (pick up): 10099 Harvest Hills Blvd NW
T3K 6E3
T3K 4W9
Highland Park Community Association Kelly/ Gaitri 403-276-6969 3716 - 2 street NW T2K 0Y4 N/A
Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Centre Nicoleta 403-283-0554   Ext 232 1320 - 5 Ave NW T2N 0S2 403-270-3130
Huntington Hills/ North Central CRC Lili 403-275-6666   Ext 221 520 - 78 Ave NW T2K 0S2 403-274-6657
Columbus Place - (Bishop O'Byrne) Carolyn 403-263-0947/ 403-452-5575 100 Nina Gardens NE T2E 8L4 403-262-3375
Renfrew Baptist Church Sylvia 403-277-2292 1204 Renfrew Dr NE T2E 5J5 N/A
Salvation Army - Berkshire Sylvia 403-275-1827 222 Sundarac Dr NW T3K 3M5 403-274-9054
Thorncliffe Greenview Community Centre MJ Mcintosh 403-275-6752 / 403-282-8889 5600 Centre St NE T2K 0T3 403-275-7310
SDA Church Tyson 403-848-2135 1920-13 Ave. NW    


AREA - C [E of Deerfoot / N of Memorial]
Phoenix Foundation Diana 403-265-7701 320 19 St SE   403-275-7715
Marlborough Park Community Assoc. Doug 403-248-1775 6021 Madigan Dr NE T2A 5G9 403-273-9194
Community Kitchen Program John 403-538-3780 3751 21st street NE T2E 6T5 403-274-2967
North East Family Connections Helen 403-293-0424 95 Falshire Dr NE T3J 1P7 403-293-0027
Rockyview Alliance Church   403-280-2239  6927 Rundlehorn Dr NE T1Y3V4 403-280-2291
Temple Child's Way Daycare Kate Currie 403-293-9293 6823 - 43 Ave NE T1Y 5N9 403-313-3161
Cedar Court Hub Andrea 403-891-6715 1820-14 Ave NE T2E 1G6 N/A


AREA - D [W of Deerfoot / N of Glenmore]
Altadore Baptist Church Wendy 403-243-4304 4304 16 St SW T2T 2H9 N/A
BankView Villa Blanca This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 403-703-1487 1451 - 21 Ave SW T2N 5N9 N/A
Bethany Chapel Bethany 403-249-8605 3333 Richardson Way SW T3E 7B6 403-249-0917
Emmanuel Christian Reformed Church Alida VanderVeen 403-246-0795 3020 51 St SW T3E 6S7 403-246-0827
Families Matter Fowzia 403-686-2773 3520 Balsam Dr SW    
Living Spirit United Church Suzanne 403-243-3182 629 49 Ave SW T2S 1G6 403-243-3180
First Lutheran Church Liz                               403-242-4544 ext 205 7102-14 Ave SW T3H 4G7 403-242-1806
Grace Lutheran Church Shara 403-249-8562 3610 Sarcee Road SW T3E 6V6 403-249-0580


AREA - E [Downtown Core]
Alexandra Centre Society Jenny 403-269-5588 922-9 Avenue SE (Basement) T2G 0S4 403-269-5868
Calgary Immigrant Women Assoc. Janet Alonso 403-517-8830 138 4 Ave SE T2G 4Z6 403-517-8833
Tangerine Bank Jacqueline 403-539-5520 1002-17 Ave SW T2T 0A5  
Cochrane Depot #2 Lynne 403-926-0076 119 Sunset Road Cochrane T4C 0Z9  


AREA - F [E of Deerfoot / N of 50 Ave SE]
Albert Park Radisson Heights Comm. Assoc. Ofelia 403-272-7317 1310 - 28 St SE T2A 7R7 403-235-2650
Evangel Christian Assembly Paul/ Pearl 403-272-8282 52, 6220 - 17 Ave SE T2A 0W6 N/A
Sunrise Community Link Resource Anyone 403-204-8280   3303 17 Ave SE T2A 0R2 403-204-8287


AREA - G [W of Deerfoot / N of Canyon Meadow & Woodridge]
Oak Park Church of Christ Dawn/Martin 403-251-5150 11263 Oakfield Dr SW T2W 4M2 403-281-9822
Southwood United Church Nicole 403-253-2979 #10690 Elbow Dr SW T2W 1G4 403-255-0086


AREA - H [E of Bow Bottom & Deerfoot / N of 130 Ave SE]
Brian & Christine Himmelreich Brian/Christine 403-279-4151 2607 - 80 Ave SE T2C 0H9 403-279-4301
Deer Park United Church June Steiner/ Kiran McKee 403-278-8263 77 Deerpoint Rd SE T2J 6W5 403-278-3818
SE Calgary Community Resource Centre Lindsay Blatz 403-720-3322 2734 - 76 Ave SE T2C 4W9 403-270-3459
Queensland Comm. Assoc. Amber 403-278-3366 649 Queensland Dr SE T2J 4S8 403-278-3366


AREA - I [S of Canyon Meadows / S of 130 Ave SE]
Auburn Bay Depot Becky 403-400-0217 42 Autumn Grove SE T3M 0H1 403-532-1570
New Brighton Residents Association NBRA Team 403-781-6613 #2 New Brighton Drive SE T2Z 4B2 403-781-6611
St.Patrick's Church Mary 403-254-6878 1414 Shawnessy Blvd SW T2Y 2L7 403-256-0963


AREA - Outside Calgary
Chestermere Community Services           (Chestermere) Monique 403-207-7040 105 Marina Rd T1X 1V7 403-569-0512
Carstairs Depot                                               (Carstairs) Candace Carter 403-998-6454   T0M 0N0 N/A
Didsbury Alberta Health Services               (Didsbury) Leone Regner 403-335-7203 1210 20 Ave PO Box 130 T0M 0W0 403-335-4816
DayBreak Community Baptist Church                 (Airdrie) Lynn 403-948-6727 2104 Yankee Velley Blvd, Airdrie T4B 0R7 403-948-5770
High River Depot           (High River) Lynn 403-336-5297 6 Sunrise Crescent T1V 0B9 N/A
Langdon Depot   (Langdon) Dawn 403-968-2858 18 Thomas St. T0J 1X2 N/A
Okotoks Depot Carol Boone 403-988-7220 #114 McRae Street T1S 1J4 N/A
Claresholm Depot Natalie 403 615 8655 5123-5th Street East (Claresholm) T0L 0T0 N/A